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  • admin says:

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  • Max says:

    Awesome! Vibebs earphone is a great gadget. It’s cool and exciting!

  • james says:

    Nice LED product, it seems can replacing all the existing lightings

  • stpang says:

    Please add in more payment method. An account to do online bank in or credit card, is just so convienient.

    While paypal is only partly function in Malaysia.

  • agheh says:

    Have received the product at my office… Liked the packaging felt like a bit of getting an Iphone ;) .. Well i’m testing it now while replying this… At first feel awkward since need to kinda clip it to the ear… Had to stand in front of a mirror just to make sure it is at the right position…hehehe…
    So far i like this new technology used…. sound produce is great and it vibrates your ear lobe…. tickles at first but kinda getting use to it…at least now at home when my wife is talking i can hear her no need for me to press pause…. Just this product maybe not suitable to use at crowded public place since people around can hear what your listening to… other than that its 2 thumbs up for this great product… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PRODUCT! :) ))))

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