Advantages of the Bodily Sensation Sound System

  • Perfect player that fulfill Not only Voice substitution but also Audio substitution perfectly by Stereo type.
  • The sound will be conducted through the bones and skin, not inside of one’s ear directly.
  • Also it prevent from car accident since it does not block ears
  • Live Vibration, Dynamical Sound
  • Well Designed (Hidden/Compact/Slim)

Protection of healthy ears

The sound will be conducted through the bones and skin, not inside of one’s ear.

Therefore is possible to wear it longtime

Protection of healthy ears

This product is not requried to Close our ears. Therefore it prevent accdent that could be occurred while one close their ears.

Sensible Sound

By using the New Sensible Sound, client will experience diverse music listening and 3D game that has never been experienced.

Sensible Sound
Special Purpose

Handicap, Soldiers, Well-being etc. Diverse use on Vibration Sensible Sound.

Special Purpose

Product Use

Sony PSP Portable Game

Portable Game : Play-station/MS X-BOX & PC 3D Games : 5.1ch(6ch) Game phone

iPhone Mobile Phone

Bluetooth hands free, Mobile Phone use Vibration Speakr/Ear-phone use

MP3 Player Music / Movie

MP3 Player Music Listening, PMP (Portable Movie Player) Movie, Home Theater

MP3 Player Education

English Dialogue/Academy’s MP3 Listening/Multimedia movie for study use

Cyclist Well-being

Prenatal effect Type, Traditional Oriental Medicine cure, Diet, SPorts, MP3 Player, SILVER (the old) use

Scuba Diver Etc

Handicaps Head phone, Motorcycle Helmet, Police, intercommunication, protection, Military Communication, Scuba diver (underwater communication), Construction Field, Production Field

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