A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor chip that admits light when conducting current.  LED’s are very versatile due to their ability to emit nearly all spectrums of light.  This has led to their nearly universal adoption as a light source for a wide range of application from: status indicator lights, to traffic signals, to today’s advanced direct replacement LED light sources.

Although, LED’s that produce a practical spectrum of visible light have been under constant development since the 1960’s, only recently have LED’s that can produce acceptable levels of illumination – for a primary lighting source in a home or business seen mass production.


Benefits of LEDs

All LEDs are reacted to have a 50,000+ hour lifespan, in this same amount of time you will buy over 50 regular incandescent bulbs or 10 compact florescent bulbs!

50,000 Hours of Light: 50 Incandescent Light Bulbs or 1LED


Even our most powerful replacement bulb uses only 10 watts of electricity, yet it performs on par with a 100 watt incandescent bulb and is due to the extremely efficient nature of LEDs. Traditional incandescent bulbs waste 98% of their energy producing wasted heat. LEDs on the other hand produce very little hear in order to maintain brilliant light saving and even assist in cooling costs.


LEDs have no filament or tube to break thus they are very durable.  Even if you happen to drop or mishandle one, you will not be left with a mess of broken or shattered glass.Traditional incandescent bulbs can become a hazard when broken.

Environmentally Friendly by Design

LEDs are the most environmentally friendly light source other than pure sunlight.  First, there are no hazardous substances used inside LEDs. Second, LEDs are part of the solution to the energy crisis we are all facing.  LEDs use less power up front and generate less heat when used.  Replacing all of your lighting with LEDs will suddenly make your home or building an environmentally friendly structure. Finally, with the long life you will achieve from your LED bulb, you will save on the disposal of approximately 50 incandescent bulbs and 10 mercury tainted, compact fluorescent bulbs thus cleaning up our landfills and ultimately saving our environment from waste.


Pure Light

LEDs are available in white and warm light color temperatures for the utmost in flexibility.  No matter which temperature you choose, you will always get pure, clear light that makes reading or viewing objects easier on the eyes.  Tired of annoying flickering and headaches caused by compact fluorescent bulbs?  Say hello to LEDs and their consistent visibility.

Overall benefits of Fawoo LED lamps are:

  • World best patented heat dissipation technology
  • World best light guiding lens; Light transmitting efficacy over 90%
  • High luminous efficacy, high energy efficiency, and reduced electricity costs and maintenance costs
  • Power factor over 0.90
  • Generation of CO² emission rights under the JI/CDM/VER
  • UL and CE listed
  • Wide range of products from MR16 to PAR Lamps, Street Light and Explosion-Proof Lamps
  • Design Award; IF (Germany), Good Design (Korea), Design Mark (Australia)
  • Eco-friendly lamps; no Mercury and no Cadmium
  • Warranty up to 3 years
  • OnlyCertified high-quality Japanese LED chips used
  • Continuous R&D for new advanced products

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